The Usual Seuss-pects

The sun did not shine
There were germs all about
So we sat in the house
Didn’t want to go out
I sat there with Hubby,
We sat there, we two,
And he said, “Here’s a thought
Of something you could do

You take all these pics
In all of these places
You should start a blog
For all of your faces.”

And all I could do was to 
Right there, on the brink
How I wanted to drink!

Then I looked 
and I saw him
While out for a walk
I looked 
and I saw
The rock who could talk.
And he said to me,
“Why do you stand there and gawk?
Picture of a rock with snow making it look like an eyepatch and a leaf for its other eye.  A pirate hat is doodled on its head.
I know that a blog
Won’t make any money
But you could make 
Lots of good jokes that are punny.

Why we could have
lots of good fun, with some luck.
I can help you to make
A good blog that won’t suck

Look at them,
Look at them, now!” Said the rock.
“A cup and a cake
And a couch that can talk!
I can show you two breads,
I can show you a truck,
And a plate full of food,
And a sinister duck.
And look!
I can come up with a pirate pun
And not only one
Oh no!
Not only one!

Look at them!
Look at them!
Look at them, NOW!
It’s fun to make puns,
And you really know how.
I showed you the cup
And the food and the cake,
I showed you the breads
And a meringue that was baked.
I showed you the food
And I showed you a pot
And look, with one eye
I can find a red bot!
I can spot the red bot
As I make a good pun,
And not only one
Oh no!
Not only one.”

That’s what the rock said…
Then he fell over dead.
The rock was stone cold,
But his mission was done,
I started my blog
And I used ALL the puns.

Pirate rock. Text box reads, "(de)Face It: I find faces. I doodle on faces. You laugh at faces." Speech bubble says, "Avast! Here there be puns!"