Don’t Bite My Head Off

Something about this picture is bugging me. Just got this creeping feeling there’s more here than meets the eye. Maybe if I divide it insections? Nope. Ugh. This kind of failure just can’t fly. I guess I’ll just have to pray for forgiveness.

On second thought, never mind. I’m sure someone will jump in the comments to mantisplain.

A picture of three green berries hanging in a triangular formation looking like the head of a praying mantis. Antennae and outlines of head and foreleg have been doodled in. Speech bubble says, "Mantis Dating Advice: Never lose your head over a pretty girl."

Rorschach Test

Sometimes I think the faces I see are like some kind of Rorschach Test, providing a window into my deepest thoughts.

Like this duck’s foot (flipper?) print.

Duck footprint in snow, webbed toes pointing toward bottom of screen.

Perfectly normal duck print.

Or is it a cartoony ghost?

Duck's footprint with two round black eyes and a round black mouth doodled on, so it looks like a cartoon ghost.

Of course, that’s only if you look at in that direction. If you turn it, you get something else entirely.

Picture turned so webbed feet point to right. Top toe is forehead, middle toe is nose, bottom toe is chin. Eyes, mouth and witch's hat have been doodled on top,

But wait, there’s more. Looking at it from another angle, I see, look at that. Another ghost.

This time webbed toes are pointing at top of screen., forming hands and head of cartoony ghost.

And, of course, we have to check out the final direction.

Two words:

Vampire Elvis.

Webbed toes point to left. Top toe is hair, middle is nose, bottom is chin. Doodled on hair, eye, mouth with pointy tooth, big collar.

Now, some of you may think this means I need therapy. (Fair.) But to the rest of you, it’s probably obvious what my problem is:

I’ve got Halloween on my mind!!!

So prepare for a month of creepy crawly, unearthly, haunted, and/or horrifying posts.

Castle With a Face

(Parody of Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables)

There is a castle with a face
I like its shocked look of surprise
Aren’t any lids to close its eyes
Not in my castle with a face.
Toy castle tower with two windows that look like wide eyes, over a wider window that looks like a gaping mouth. A crenellated balcony forms a jutting jaw.
There is a tower all upset
Holds court to grumble and to fret,
With hard-set jaw and an angry brow,
He says to all, “I see you want a row!”
I know a toy that looks at me,
I know a toy that interacts.
Toys that interact are pretty ace,
Just like my castle with a face.
Opposite tower of the castle with an extra piece that looks like an angry brow. Speech bubble says, "You'd be upset too, if you'd been de-moated at work!"

Supplies Party


The school year has been being waged for a week now, so it’s time for a status update from each of you.

Cadet Lunchowski?

Rectangular sandwich container lid with two "eye" spaces over one larger "mouth" space. Mustard is smeared over all spaces. Speech bubble says, "They're eating us alive out there, General!"

Hang in there, Man. Mustard your courage!

Botteli, Report.

Reusable water bottle seen from the top. Two rivets form eyes, the closing mechanism makes a mouth, and the handle looks like a jutting chin. Speech bubble says, "My troops are staying straw-ng, Sir!"

Now that’s more like it. Keep it cup, soldier!

What about you, Knapsacki?

Back pack with a silver decoration that looks like sunglasses is hanging on a hook. Mouth has been doodled in. Speech bubble says, "We've taken a beating, General, Sir. But we're hanging in there."

Excellent, Trooper.

Hear that, soldiers? We have this in the bag!

All right, Troops, there’s a long road ahead, but I know you’re up to the job. Stay sharp and stick to it.