Castle With a Face

(Parody of Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables)

There is a castle with a face
I like its shocked look of surprise
Aren’t any lids to close its eyes
Not in my castle with a face.
Toy castle tower with two windows that look like wide eyes, over a wider window that looks like a gaping mouth. A crenellated balcony forms a jutting jaw.
There is a tower all upset
Holds court to grumble and to fret,
With hard-set jaw and an angry brow,
He says to all, “I see you want a row!”
I know a toy that looks at me,
I know a toy that interacts.
Toys that interact are pretty ace,
Just like my castle with a face.
Opposite tower of the castle with an extra piece that looks like an angry brow. Speech bubble says, "You'd be upset too, if you'd been de-moated at work!"