Rorschach Test

Sometimes I think the faces I see are like some kind of Rorschach Test, providing a window into my deepest thoughts.

Like this duck’s foot (flipper?) print.

Duck footprint in snow, webbed toes pointing toward bottom of screen.

Perfectly normal duck print.

Or is it a cartoony ghost?

Duck's footprint with two round black eyes and a round black mouth doodled on, so it looks like a cartoon ghost.

Of course, that’s only if you look at in that direction. If you turn it, you get something else entirely.

Picture turned so webbed feet point to right. Top toe is forehead, middle toe is nose, bottom toe is chin. Eyes, mouth and witch's hat have been doodled on top,

But wait, there’s more. Looking at it from another angle, I see, look at that. Another ghost.

This time webbed toes are pointing at top of screen., forming hands and head of cartoony ghost.

And, of course, we have to check out the final direction.

Two words:

Vampire Elvis.

Webbed toes point to left. Top toe is hair, middle is nose, bottom is chin. Doodled on hair, eye, mouth with pointy tooth, big collar.

Now, some of you may think this means I need therapy. (Fair.) But to the rest of you, it’s probably obvious what my problem is:

I’ve got Halloween on my mind!!!

So prepare for a month of creepy crawly, unearthly, haunted, and/or horrifying posts.

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