Nobody Nose Our Troubles

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the first ever meeting of the Big Nose Society.

Brick house with two window eyes, shingles for angry eyebrows, and a large chimney for a nose. Speech bubble says, "I prefer the term "extranasally challenged."

Um, okay then. The Society for Those Extra-Nasally Challenged. Our first order of business –

Frying pan whose handle is a long nose between two rivet eyes. Eyebrows have been doodled in. Speech bubble says, "Wait. So our acronym is STENCH?"

Yeah, maybe that’s not the best choice. Okay, let’s do something without an acronym. How about we call ourselves the Prodigious Proboscis People?

Vice that looks like pinocchio eating a pipe. Speech bubble says, "Mwha Mmwabow Nahn-Peempuh?"

Uh…you’re a little hard to understand with your mouth full like that, perhaps next time you could finish eating before the meeting? But I think your concern was that not all of us are people. Definitely a valid point. Wouldn’t want to make anyone feel unwelcome.

All right.

Something without an acronym…

How do we feel about the Association for Creatures with Noses of Unusual Size?

Window latch that looks like a snooty English cartoon cartoon character. Monocle has been doodled in. Speech bubble says, in fancy script, "I say, who are you calling a 'creature'?


Okay. Fine.


What do you all think about calling ourselves the Super-Nasal Organizational Troupe? That one should be safe, at least.

Latch that looks like a goofy face with a big loop for a nose. A drip of snot has been doodled in. Speech bubble says, "I like it."

Excellent. Well, we’re out of time today. Next week we’ll get to share our stories about being picked on or made the scenter of attention because of our noses.

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