Don’t Con-Seed Defeat

Look, I try to keep this blog mostly free of politics, but that itself is a political decision, and one that’s full of privilege.

And while I’m not American, I’m still enraged by their decision to limit the essential healthcare of people with uteruses. And not only because I know the sentiment is going to ooze over the border (more than it already has).

There seems to be a concentrated push right now to erode all the hard-won rights of the last few decades and send us back to a time that was only better for a select group of people.

How do we fix it?

I’m not sure. Telling you to vote seems trite (and insulting for those who did vote against this, or who couldn’t due to limited polling places, etc), but if you chose not to vote, then definitely do it next time. Even in smaller municipal elections. And do some research about who stands for what.

Beyond that? Get angry. Get loud. Don’t just sit back and say, “That doesn’t affect me, so I shouldn’t complain.” See which companies are supporting politicians voting against your rights and boycott them. Tell them why. And then tell your friends. Make it not worthwhile for them to support the people coming for your rights.

Have those hard conversations. Make sure Grandpa knows if the political party he’s supported his whole life is tried/is trying to commit a coup.

One of the Supreme Court justices used his ruling to open the door to removing the rights to contraception and LGBTQ rights, (and the same logic could apply to inter-racial marriage rights). Don’t think for a minute if those rights are struck down in the States that those rulings won’t fuel challenges in Canada and around the world.

Don’t think it won’t affect you and your family.

Slice of tomato whose seeds look like eyes and an angry mouth. Angry eyebrows, arms, legs, and a protest sign have been doodled in. Sign reads, "Beware! Any rights you have today could be gone tomato!"

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