Toadily Awesome Deal

Are you suffering from a case of the sads? Do you feel like you need a hug?

Well, we here at Pfrogzer have a solution for you.

Frog Hug.

That’s right. Frog Hug. Your own personal pet pick-me-up. Frog Hugs are adorable amphibians designed to cheer you up with their empathetic embraces. Portable, personable, pet-able – these fantastic froggies are sure to lighten your mood.

The world is uncertain right now; times are anxious – but you don’t have to be. Not if you have Frog Hug.

But supplies are limited and these cuddly cure-alls are flying off the shelves! So hop to it and order yours today!

Lock on a trunk that looks like a cartoon frog with open arms. Eyes have been doodled in. Four star-shaped text boxes read: "3 Easy Installments of $19.99" "Proven to improve anxiety" "Toadily Awesome" and "They will leap into your heart"

*Frog Hugs are not recommended for batrachophobics, ranidaphobics, or confused herpetophobics.

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