Seeking Enlightenment

Hey, sorry about the missed post on Wednesday, but Ottawa was hit by a derecho (yeah, I’d never heard of them either) on the weekend that left our house without power for 72 hours (as of writing this, I have friends who’ve now passed the 100-hour mark.)

Aside from turning our fridge into a condiment graveyard, my family escaped relatively unscathed. We were lucky. The storm was scary and did a ton of damage, and it sounds like we can only expect more as Climate Change continues. Hydro workers were called in from other provinces and the U.S. to help fix things, but our infrastructure is old and the damage was intense.

Picture of an electrical pole whose transformer looks like a triangular face. Glasses & arms have been doodled on. Speech bubbles say, "If you ask me, this month's services should be free of charge," And "Get it? Because they were free of charge..."
Circular light fixture whose three clips look like eyes and a mouth. Eyebrows have been doodled in. Speech bubble says, "Not funny, man."

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