Read Owl About It

Usually it’s ducks I find everywhere, hiding in plain sight, creepily watching with their beady duck eyes (*shudder*) but lately it’s been something else.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much Owl House (a super cute show on Netflix that you should check out if you like cartoons, witches, magic, Wendy Malick, and houses that are also owls), but I’ve been seeing owls everywhere in my house.


But it’s okay. It’s fine. I’ll just go for a walk and clear my head.

Wooden gate with two diamond windows that look like eyes. Handles form a tiny "beak." Speech bubble says, "Halt! Hooooo goes there?"

Right, well then, I’ll play on my phone.

Picture of an iPhone. Camera on back looks like an owl. Speech bubbles say, "I'm mostly used to Tweet." and "But I don't really give a hoot."

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool.

Um, okay. I will work on this model clock instead.

Wooden clock model punch outs that are vaguely owl shaped. Outline, wings, beak and talons have been doodled in for emphasis. Speech bubbles say, "Owl do my best to keep time..." and "but, understand, I'm just winging it."

That’s it. I definitely think it’s time for a break. I’m going to go have a nice, relaxing snack and try to forget about owls.

Pecan tart with three pecans placed to look like owl eyes and beak. Pupils and outline of beak have been doodled in for emphasis. Speech bubble says, "Wise choice if you ask me."

Send help.

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