Clothes Call

Good evening, everyone and welcome to the auditions for Wardrobe Idol. But before we see what you have to offer, let’s start by introducing our judges:

Simon Cowl

The back of a winter jacket hood. A velcro strap forms a nose and scrunches the top down to make eye sockets. A straight line mouth is doodled in. Speech bubble says, :I'm warning you now, I don't sugarcoat my judgements."

And Colla Abdul!

Picture of a winter coat collar. The zipper makes a smiley mouth under two snaps for eyes. Speech bubble says, "Don't let Simon get you down, I'm sure you'll do great."

Thanks for those words of encouragement, judges. Now, let’s hear it for our first contestant, Armand:

Plaid shirt cuff. Two buttons form eyes, and the pattern makes the mouth. Speech bubbles sings, "Arm in love with the shape of you..."

Thank you, Armand. Let’s hear from the judges:

Simon Cowl face again: Speech bubble says, "Did you even practice? The whole thing sounded very off the cuff."
Colla Abdul picture again. Speech bubble says, "I disagree. It's not every contestant who wears their heart on their sleeve like that."

Thank you judges. Our next contestants are actually a duo. Please welcome the Soulier Twins.

Pair of shoes where openings look like mouths with pointy mustaches. Eyes have been doodled in. Speech bubble from both sings, "I-I-I-I-I I will always love shoe!"

Well, let’s see what the judges think of that entry.

Simon Cowl picture again. Speech bubble says, "Ugh. Just awful. I recommend going sole-o in future."
Colla Abdul again. Speech bubble says, "I disagree. I think you make a great pair."

Ok, thank you for your input, judges. Now on to our final contestant, Hattie Topham.

Fedora-esque summer hat with indentations for eyes and hat band for mouth. Speech bubble sings, "Hat's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it!"
Simon Cowl picture, now with surprised eyebrows. Speech bubble says, "Now hat's more like it. Top marks from me."
Colla Abdul again. Speech bubble says, "You're absolutely ahead of your time!"

Well then folks, looks like we have our winner tonight. Please congratulate our latest Wardrobe Idol: Hattie Topham!

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