Robots in Disguise

We interrupt this blog post with breaking news. We have just been informed that robots have been planning a secret invasion of earth and have hidden themselves around each and every neighbourhood. Robots should be considered extremely dangerous.

Wow, do you think that’s true? Could that be one?

Green electrical box with two hex bolts for eyes and a discolored spot of a mouth. Eyes have been doodled on top. Text box says, "Nah. That's just a transformer."

Right. What was I thinking. A transformer could never be a robot in disguise.

But what about that?

Large raised metal box with two circles for eyes and a line beneath for a mouth. Pupils have been doodled in. Text box reads, "No, that's just the cooling system for the skating rink. Stop being being so paranoid."

You’re right.

But it really feels like these things are watching us.

I mean, just look at that string of lights. They’re totally teeny tiny robots!

String of LED lights that look like boxy robots. Arms and legs have been doodled in. Text box says, "That's just your pareidolia talking. Honestly, get a grip. There are no robots around here."

Okay, okay. You’re right.

It’s just that once I knew there might be robots watching us, suddenly I’m seeing them everywhere. It’s ridiculous.

But that fake news story was just looking for clicks. I can’t buy into everything I see online.

I mean, obviously there aren’t any robots hanging around trying to take over Earth. That’s silly.

I’m glad you pointed out how foolish I’ve been. I mean, five minutes ago I would’ve thought that furnace system was a robot. Now I know better.

Tall skinny metal cone with four legs and two ductwork "arms" connected to building. Metal cylinder "head" has a flap for a nose and doodled-in eyes. Text box says, "RUN!!!"

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