That Sinking Feeling

Today’s post is a real life story of new home chaos.

Recently we had a furnace repairman in to do some work. When he left we discovered our laundry sink had clogged. No problem! Mr. Defaceit got his handy dandy plumbing snake and went to work.

In went the snake.

And more snake.

And more snake.

And more snake.

Until there was about 40 feet of plumbing snake down the drain and still no sign of the clog.

So, Mr. Defaceit got down on his hands and knees…and realized the top of the sink didn’t match the bottom.

The previous owners had simply sat a kitchen sink (and countertop) on top of the pre-existing laundry sink.

Mr. Defaceit lifted out the sink, and beneath it sat 40 feet of plumbing snake sitting in the laundry basin full of water and a drain clogged with dirt.


Picture of a kitchen sink and piece of countertop sitting on another counter. Faucet holes look like eyes and a nose, the drain is the mouth. Eyes have been doodled in on top. Speech bubble says, "Faucet, people do weird things when they're renovating."

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