We Don’t Walk Down That Street Now (2nd Verse)

If you haven’t already read Verse 1, check it out here.

Hey! Swear I hear those houses always quibbling and grumbling,
The street filled with muffled sounds of muttering and mumbling,
That one definitely has got a secret it heard.  

Side of house where two windows make eyes, a light makes a nose and a vent makes a small mouth slightly to the side. Speech bubble says, "Shh-shh-shh-"
Do you get the drift? Like a rift, it’s crumbling
Broken bits of sidewalk went and sent me tumbling,
Heard a creepy laugh, then a house gave me the bird. 
It gave me the bird?
House with window eyes and a door mouth (including vertical blinds that look like bared teeth). Chimney section looks like a hand giving the finger. Pupils, angry eyebrows, fingernail and knuckle have been doodled in.
Eleven foot frame, 
Snow upon a beam
What could be to blame
For that silent scream?
Yeah, it’s seen some things, 
Who knows what night brings…
Two air vents form tiny eyes above a window mouth, giving the impression of a screaming face. Shocked eyebrows have been doodled in.
We don’t walk down that street now, no, no, no.
We don’t walk down that street now.

Felt somebody watching me
The next thing: EYES!

(Oh no, no!)
Photo of a bush in a snowstorm. Two large snowflakes look like eyes in the bush. Pupils and angry eyebrows have doodled in.
Got scared by the hydrant there,
So fierce for its size

(Oh no, no!)
Hydrant lurking in bushes. Angry eyebrows and mouth have been doodled in.
I’m pretty sure that hydro thing's
A robot in disguise

(Oh no, no!)
Breaker box that kind of looks like an Easter Island head. Angry eyebrows and one pupil have been doodled in (other pupil is a bolt)
We don’t walk down that street now, no, no, no.
We don’t walk down that street now.

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