You Can’t Handle My Jokes

I wanted to post this on Friday, but it just didn’t pan out. I was working on a new range of jokes that are a little saucy, but I wasn’t sure if you could handle their heat, so I potsted this instead. Hopefully it’ll get a lid-le laugh, because I’m l’oven it.

Picture of a pot, with the handle facing the camera. Eyeballs have been doodled on either side of the handle-nose. Speech bubbles say, "I was going to tell a Pan-occhio joke, but everyone already nose it." and "Sorry. I was hoping that'd be funny, but it's snot."
Close-up of a steak knife. Two bolts make eyes over the blade mouth. Dots have been doodled into the eyes, to make it look like they're rolling. Speech bubble says, "I hate you."

One thought on “You Can’t Handle My Jokes

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