You Know You’re Working Too Hard When…

Blue tinted spotlight showing a talking dresser. Speech bubble says, "Pull up a chair, Madame, as the furniture proudly presents: Your day off!"

Take a rest, take a rest,

Put your feet up like a guest,

It is time to take a break, Cherie,

You’re looking very stressed.

A footrub,

Body scrub,

Long soak in a hot bathtub.

And your chores? Inconsequential.

Inside of dryer door looks like a happy face with eyebrows. Speech bubbles says, "We will fluff, we will fold, Paired up socks will all be rolled,"
Iron face with a speech bubble saying, "And wrinkled clothes will even all be pressed."

Go on, relax and unwind,

Take a break from the grind, Take a rest,

Oui, a rest,

Red couch with two cushions made into eyes. Speech bubble says, "Take a rest!"

One thought on “You Know You’re Working Too Hard When…

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