A Different Kind of Post

Last year on Valentine’s Day, as a sign of my love (and weirdness), I made my husband this Valentine:

Heart shaped Valentine with a purple monster with many googly eyes. Valentine reads, "I only have eyes for you."

and then proceeded to deck the house out in googly eyes.

And, of course, I took pictures.

Most of them weren’t things I saw faces in already, but they really came alive once I put the eyes on. And now that I can see them, I just have to doodle on them.

So, here they are for you to enjoy:

Drill with googly eyes (which have pink eyelids and long eyelashes.) Arms have been doodled on. Speech bubble says, "Places, everyone! You know the drill!"
Measuring tape with googly eyes and doodled wavy frown. Speech bubble says, "I sure hope we measure up."
Round black Google Home with googly eyes near top. Doodled in wavy smile. Speech bubble says, "Hee hee hee! Google-y eyes!"
Picture of googly eyes above the handle of a cupboard, making the knob look like a bulbous nose. Speech bubble says, "If they don't like us, it'll be a real hit to my shelf esteem."
Same Google Home as above, only now it also has doodled hands. Speech bubble says, "Get it? Google-y eyes?"
Kitchen tap with googly eyes several above a conical nozzle. Tongue is doodled out of the bottom of the nozzle "snout." Speech bubble says, "That's it, I'm tapping out!"
Black square with white art deco trim and lettering that reads, "That's how it could have happened."
Black square with white art deco trim and lettering that reads, "But here's what really happened."
Same kitchen tap as above, only now hands are doodled on the sides of the conical nozzle, and the join between the nozzle and faucet is the mouth. Speech bubble says, "Hope you found today's post faucet-nating. Bye-bye!"

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