Channeling My Inner Bob Ross

Today feels like a day for happy little trees.

Tree that looks like it's angry, with a hole like an open, yelling mouth. Speech bubble says, "I'm telling you, I am Groot!"

Okay, that one turned out a little angry. But, as Bob Ross would say, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” Let’s try again.

Fallen log with a sinister smile

Ahhh! No. That is not a “happy accident!” That’s a creepy accident.

Although… at least it’s smiling…

Time to try again.

Fallen log with a happy face in the middle. Wonky face outline and ear drawn in to follow log, resulting in large chin and big ear, compared to tiny eye and mouth in the middle.

Well, the proportions might be a bit off, but at least this one’s happy. It’s kind of like if Picasso did a portrait of Jay Leno. On a log. While drunk. And blindfolded.

Ugh. This art project has me stumped. I’m ready to give up and leaf.

Oh, all right, I’ll give it one more try. Root for me!

Happy face on a fallen log. Speech bubble says, "I was to tell you a joke about a tree, but I'm afraid you wooden understand it."

There it is.

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